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Completed paper must follow the following guidelines:
  Copyright ownership of your manuscript must be transferred to the MTMI, before we can begin the peer-review process. The Editor's letter acknowledging the receipt of the manuscript will be accompanied a form, which has to be signed by the all authors and returned to the Editor as soon as possible. Failure to return copyright form in a timely fashion will result in delay in review and subsequent publication.
I. Typing:
  All manuscripts must
  sidenav   be written in English, align text to both the left and right margins.
  sidenav  fit on 8.5" x11" sheets in Times New Roman 10 point font,
  sidenav   not exceed 12 single spaced pages (including references and abstract),
  sidenav  justify style in MS Word.
  sidenav  use APA citation model with a list of references, if any, at the end of the manuscript.
  sidenav  not include page numbers or footnote.
  arrow  have left margin (1.5-inch) and other three margins (1" each)
  arrow   be checked for spelling and grammar.
  Submit your manuscript electronically
II. First Page:
  Manuscript title, not exceeding two lines, must be CAPITALIZED in 14 POINT FONT AND CENTERED IN BOLD LETTERS. Author's name and university/organizational affiliation of each author must be printed on one line each. Do NOT include titles such as, Dr. Professor, Ph.D., department, address, email address etc.
III. Abstract:
  Please print the word "ABSTRACT" in capitalized bold letters, left justified, and single-spaced from last author's name/affiliation. Abstract should be in italic. Abstract should not exceed 100 words and should be a review of the paper and not a repetition of the conclusion.
IV. Headings:
  All heading should be bold, centered and capitalized in 12 point font. Please skip two line spaces above and below. However, sub-headings should be bold, centered, and use an initial capital for each word. Leave one line space above and below each sub-heading.
V. Tables, Figures, and Charts:
  All tables, figures or charts must be inserted in the body of the manuscripts within the margins with headings/titles in centered CAPITALIZED BOLD letters. All tables, figures or charts must be photo reproducible. Symbols or parts of a figure that cannot be typed should be carefully using black ink.
VI. References and Bibliography:
  The style guidelines for references and bibliographies must follow the publications manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). All references listed in this section must be cited in the manuscript and vice-versa. The reference citations in the text must be inserted in parentheses within sentences with author name followed by a comma and year of publication. Please follow the following formats:
    Journal bodytexts
 arrow Author. (Date). Title of bodytext - lowercase. Title of Journal - italicized, volume(number), pages.
 arrow  Augustine, N. R. (1995). Managing the Crisis you tried to prevent. Harvard
      Business Review, 73(6), 147-158.
   Chapter in Book
 arrow Author. (Date). Title of chapter - lowercase. In editor's name(s) (Ed.), Title of book - italicized and lowercase (pp. 000-000). City: Publisher.
 arrow Hartley, J. T., Harker, J. O., & Walsh, D. A. (1980). Contemporary issues and
     new directions in adult development. In L. W. Poon (Ed.), Aging in the
     1980's (pp. 234-278). Washington, DC: American Psychological
   Entire Book
 arrow  Author or Editor in Chief. (Date). Title of book – italicized. City: Publisher.
 arrow  Bernstein, T. M. (1965). The careful writer: a modern guide to English usage.
New York: Atheneum.
 arrow  Letheridege, S., & Cannon, C. R. (Eds.). (1980). Bilingual education: teaching
English as a second language. New York: Praeger.
   Internet bodytexts or abstracts based on a print source
 arrow Author. (Date). Title of article or abstract - lowercase [Electronic version]. Title
     of print source - Italicized and lowercase, volume (number), pages.
 arrow Smith, R. (1998). TQM in Australian manufacturing businesses [Electronic
     version]/ Quality Journal, 5, 117-123.
   bodytexts or abstracts in an Internet-only journal
 arrow Author. (Date). Title of article or abstract - lowercase. Title of journal -
     italicized, volume (number), article number. Retrieved {Date of access}
     from {URL}.
 arrow Frederickson, B. L. (2000, March 7). Cultivating positive emotions to optimize
     health and well-being. Prevention & Treatment, 3, Article (or Abstract)
     0001a. Retrieved November 20, 2000 from,
   Report from an organization on its web site
 arrow Organization name. (Date or n.d.). Title of report - italicized. Retrieved {Date}
     from {URL}.
 arrow Canarie, Inc. (1997, September 27 or n.d. if no date is available). Towards a
     Canadian health IWAY: Vision, opportunities and future steps. Retrieved
     November 8, 2000, from http://www.canada.org/iway.html.
VII. Author Profile(s):
  At the end of manuscript, include author profile(s), not exceeding five lines of each author, including name, highest degree/university/year, current position/university, and major achievements.
VIII. Submission:
  Authors are advised to limit each submission to 12 single-spaced typewritten pages including tables and figures. Submit your paper via email to expedite the review. Each paper will be at least double blind refereed.

Please send your paper via email to info@effectivemanagement.org or Zahir@effectivemanagement.org and mail the following items:
 1. Completed Registration form.

Enclose a check of US $25 manuscript processing fee payable to Modern Technology & Management Institute (non-refundable).

Once paper is accepted, a flat fee of US $125 would be charged to meet the website maintainance expenses for publication.

NOTE Authors from non Western countries can pay through International Money Order or Draft in US dollars as follows:
Manuscript processing fee US $15.
Once paper is accepted, a flat fee of US $60 would be charged to meet the website maintainance expenses for publication.
Please note that you can pay through Credit Card by clicking the above appropriate button or send us an email to pay thorugh email invoice.

 Mailing Address:
  International Journal of Effective Management

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Editor In Chief (IJEM)
95, New Rajguru Nagar
Ludhiana, Punjab 142021 INDIA

Managing Editor (IJEM)
15319 Briarcliff Manor Way
Burtonsville, MD 20866 USA
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