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December 2007 Issue

December 2007 Issue
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December 2008 Issue

December 2008 Issue
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June 2009 Issue

June 2009 Issue
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June 2010 Issue

June 2009 Issue
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Fall 2011 Issue

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December 2006 Issue

Rohitha Goonatilake,
Jayantha Herath
Assessing Computer Vulnerability
Ruben Xing Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina for US Higher Education
Abdalla Hagen,
Morsheda Hassan,
Ahmad Tootoonchi
Does A Company's Commitment To Entrepreneurship Make Any Difference? Evidence From Two Countries
Steven X. Si,
Mikail Paragulgov,
Jun Lin,
Tong Rui
Rights and Responsibilities: A Comparision between Russian and Chinese Workers

Dinesh K. Sharma,
Larry Alade,
Julius A. Alade
Assessing Economic Diversification In Maryland And Its Coastal Bay Counties In The Eastern Shore

June 2006 Issue

Shweta Sharma,
Deepali Singh,
D. P. Agarwal
Trust Development in Internet Shopping - An Indian Perspective
Falih M. Alsaaty Strategic Thinking: The Art of the Achieving Organizational Excellence
R. D. Pathak,
Vinay sharma
Innovations in Public Service and Rural Market Development in India to Achieve a Harmonious Society
Rafia Naz,
R. D. Pathak,
M. H. Rahman,
Kamal Nayan Agarwal,
RFI Smith
The Potential of Using it to Cut Corruption in Service Delievery: A Case Study of Service to Farmers in Fiji

E. M. Ekanayake,
Amit Mukherjee
United States - India Intra-Industry Trade dynamics (1990-2004)
Narendra K. Rustagi
A Strategy for the Delievery of Higher Education in the Field of Information Technology in Emerging Economica - A Case of Nigeria
Vinay Nangia,
Vinamra Jain,
Purushottam Raj,
Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (Pvt.) Ltd.
June 2005 Issue

Ahmad Tootoonchi,
Abdalla Hagen and,
Michael Monahan
Future Leaders: Are They Team-Oriented?
R. Steven Flynn Trust and the Non-professional Investor: Appraising the Effect of Management's Internal Control Assessment.
Clinton O. Longenecker,
Sonny S. Ariss
Why Service Organizations Fail to Get Desired Results: The Front Line Managers' Perspective.

Chinmoy Sahu
An Empirical Study on Convergence of Financial Ratios in Indian Firms.
Rakesh K. Sharma,
Kamal Nayan Agarwal and,
Emmanuel T. Acquah
Minimum Transmission Delays in Networks Using Multiple Criteria Decision Making Tool
December 2004 Issue

James E. Yao,
Qiyang Chen,
June Lu and,
Chang Liu
Predictors of Information Technology Innovation Adoption in Organizations
Oi-Shong Chok,
Jayantha Herath and,
Susantha Herath
Computer Security Learning Laboratory: Implementation of Des Aes Algorithms Using Speadsheets.
Abdalla Hagen,
Morsheda Hassan and,
Tsegai Emmanuel
Can Progressive Management Practices Predict Organizational Future Performance?
Amdetsion Kidane Eritrea's Aspiration for Effectiness and Efficient Management
Maxwell O. Eseonu Impact of Education on Productivity and Managerial Skills of Agricultural Farmers: the Case of Kenya
June 2004 Issue

R. Steven Flynn The Relevance of Non-Financial Success Disclosures in Non-Profit Organizations' forms 990: An Experiment.
Raul Gouvea and,
Jana Hranaiova
Assessing the Importance of Environmental Variables in Total Tourism Demand.
Sajal Kabiraj,
D.P. Agrawal and,
Deepali Singh
Customer Relationship Management Practices in Retail Banking: An Indian Experience.
Steven X. Si and,
Heh Jason Huang
Seeing Another Viewpoint: A Model of Organization Image and Strategic Opportunities.
Ruben Xing and,
Qiyang Chen
The Booming Wireless Communications and Its Consequent Social Impact.
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